Weight Loss Diet Approved: Strawberry Banana Muffins!

Weight Loss Diet MuffinsDo you ever wake up in the morning and completely crave a muffin for breakfast?

I do.

Of course, since we’re dieting we can’t just run to the nearest coffee shop and pick one up.

Not with those calories! Not if we want to lose weight!

So how do we stick to our weight loss diet but still give in to our craving so we don’t go crazy?

By finding an alternative!

By finding a way to be able to eat a muffin while avoiding high fat content and calories!

I’ve actually come across an absolutely mouth watering recipe for low fat strawberry banana muffins.

They are relatively low calorie (especially compared to coffee shop muffins and the store brands), they are low fat and low in sodium.

They have a nice fiber content too which will help you feel full longer.

The best part is that it tastes great! I regularly plan these muffins into my diet weekly meal plan.

It’s a great way to start the day and it really helps with my weight loss too.

Losing weight while eating something delicious. You just can’t go wrong :)