Don’t Give Up Potatoes! They are GOOD For Weight Loss! (+ a GREAT Recipe)

weight loss mealsSo we all know how much we need to focus on eating fruits and vegetables when trying to lose weight.

And for some reason, we all want to avoid potatoes thinking they would make us fat.

But this is a HUGE mistake – potatoes are actually very good when you’re dieting!

The reason we subconsciously want to avoid them is because in our minds, we usually see french fries, potato chips and other forms of potatoes that are bad for us.

But the potato itself is actually very good, and it can even HELP you lose weight – here is why:

A baked potato has ZERO grams of fat, and only 160 calories.

So if you add a healthy salad to it, you already have a great lunch or dinner meal!

Just don’t eat fries that weigh in at 13 fat grams and 480 calories!

So –

using potatoes for a weight loss diet,

there are a few things we need to know.

Make sure it is BOILED or oven baked potatoes that you eat.

Fried potatoes will only do harm for your body.

Oven baked potatoes are not less yummy, you just need a good recipe, and your family will love it!

Now, my favorite potato recipe, which is also extremely good for weight loss: